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Orasanu Accounting & Tax Consultancy Office was established based on these principles:

  • To offer professional tax consultancy and accounting and financial services;      
  • To contribute to the correct information of our clients on tax implications of business that runs;   
  • To contribute with the knowledge and experience gained at the financial success of our clients;
  • Our client to have the advantage of a complete and accurate accounting; 
  • Our client to avoid excessive taxation by taking advantage of tax incentives for profit maximization;
  • Our client will be informed about: major penalties in tax law and their amount, exempt transactions, the reimbursement of VAT, income tax-free salaries, employer's obligations in terms of calculation, withholding and payment of taxes.

   One of the reasons for calling the companies accounting outsourcing is cost reduction.

   This is reflected by the reduction or elimination of expenses arising from the establishment or operation of its accounting department, purchasing an accounting  computer program, the facilities necessary and from the selection and paiment of its staff.

   But the main cost savings is not from the difference between the provider bill and expense wage, but the financial costs and tax optimization. We will not be an employee of Tax Authority paid by our client, but we will be an ally to minimize tax costs.   

   Calling on our services eliminate the risk of being uninformed about the legislative changes, solves the problem of the deadlines for filing tax returns, benefit from specialized assistance during fiscal controls and gain time so you can focus on your business objectives.


Our goal is:

- to provide tax consultancy and accounting services customized to each client;
- to provide immediate solutions and rates negotiable;
- to provide quality professional services. 


With more than 15 years of experience behind us, we offer our expertise in areas such us:
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • En detail - Retail trading
  • En Gros - Wholesale trading
  • Advertising
  • Auto repair (service)
  • Architecture activities
  • Business and management consultancy
  • International passenger transport
  • Various services: legal services, medical services, translation services
  • Other

We are dedicated to your satisfaction and promise to work with your interests in mind, while offering competitive services.

           Tax Consultant

We are authorized by The Chamber of Tax Consultants of Romania (C.C.F.)


           Expert Accountant 

We are authorized by The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (C.E.C.C.A.R.)

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